In the Darkness and Light project I represented myself symbolically as the anchor of the picture and core of the concentric circles. I used my camera to represent my passion and way of seeing. The dragon is my magical self and Chinese year. The Eiffel Tower represents my travels and masculine side. Kali at the top is the creator/destroyer/mother of Shiva. She is fierce and compassionate, as I am. She is also reminiscent of the sun in position and shape in the image. The eye then follows to the orchid. I grow a few orchids and they represent my feminine, more “Georgia O’Keefe” side. Interspersed in their appropriate directions are Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, and Eagle/Condor from the Four Winds Society teachings Dr. Alberto Villoldo brought from the Peruvian Andes. They are my grounding, spirituality, my valuing of being in “right relation” with myself, my environment, and others.


Light and dark take turns and are generally balanced, as the yin/yang symbol is. Each symbol (except for me) exists in more than one concentric circle. Most of the images reverse light and dark as they lie in one circle or the next, except for Kali’s face and the orchids, which are more in the light/positive, independent of the rings, as they also refer to higher realms. My image is also represented with more light than dark. (Most of the dark there is required to hold things together! Maybe that’s a symbol, too.)