10-11 to 10-17-2016

So maybe I can do this. My first intaglio plate went fine. I still don’t like print making, but maybe it’s not a total train wreck.


Garden of the Muses

Friday after work I hurried up to the Hummingbird Camp in the Jemez. I get my tent up in time for dinner and the evening zicr. I am inspired. We sing simple songs to the Divine and dance kindergarten style around a group of fabulous musicians. Lots of hand-holding. Very sweet. I volunteer to chop veggies on Saturday, and the woman who runs the kitchen pushes my “silencing” button. I am beyond livid. Silently. After each session of singing and dancing, we walk around and hug as many people as we can. So this time I hug this older woman who I don’t know. She pulls back and says, “Relax and let me hold you.” I do, and start to cry. That was the beginning of the shift to joy. C and I connected again, too, starting our own massage-line puppy pile. Very sweet. There will be another retreat in May, just as UNM ends. It will be a week long, and I will attend the whole thing. I deserve it.

They have built the center piece, or at least the frame for it.