10-18 to 10-24-2016

It is hard to resist wet cement, so I didn’t. For either Annex construction, the deconstruction of the Farris Engineering Building, or ART construction, they removed and replaced a section of sidewalk along my path from my car to class. By the time there were no witnesses, the cement was still soft enough to etch with a car key.


While I am hanging out at C’s house on Wednesday, she tosses a towel around her shoulder and starts to rub purple dye in her hair. So I say, “What about me?” She gets me a towel and rubs purple coloring into my hair, too. We have a fun evening of giggling and playing with the dogs in bed. On Wednesday at work and school, I get a lot of compliments, which is fun. I think the kids in my classes categorize me as old, maybe. The color in my hair is fun, but it is so common on campus. Anyway. Come Friday, as I am leaving work, my boss calls me in and, while apologizing, writes me up for the purple in my hair. There is a rule about no blue or pink hair, but not purple. My coworker colors her hair all. the. time. Again, I am livid. It is a form of silencing. I protest by eating a fattening meal and posting something a little inappropriate on Facebook – video of a queefing contest. (Queefing on command and a potential future queef choir is fodder for another post, but not today.) I am seriously disappointed about the hair color. I felt happy about that.

Construction is moving more to include the east side of the courtyard.



Regarding public aid, I qualify for Medicaid and assistance with utilities. I am still waiting on SNAP approval. I discovered that I can take out an emergency loan at the Dean of Students office next month to cover December rent. Whew!

On Monday the 24th, my oldest child turns 32. I can’t even wrap my head around that!