10-25 to 10-31-2016

Halloween is coming!

After thinking that there is NO way I could pull off a costume with work and school, I remember that I have a box of 3-4 previous costumes. Perfect.

I have jumped through enough of the right hoops and my SNAP is approved. What a God-send!


Our Halloween party is a hoot. All walks of life. I won a venus flytrap for favorite costume. After a few flagons of mead, my helmet is a bit askew. Damn, I earned a little play time! When we got back to her house, C’s car was missing. Maybe her roommate moved it.

No, the roommate didn’t move it. It was stolen from her driveway. That night she called me to ask me for a ride right away. The police found her car and its thief in Rio Rancho. We go get it. It is none the worse for wear.


Construction is coming along nicely. As they prepare to plant trees and grass, they dig up the old piping and roots from trees no one has seen in years. It makes me wonder how much old stuff I have undet the surface that I could use to remove so that the new can come in.

They’re laying the cement now for the walkway. The future courtyard really starting to look like something.