11-8 to 11-14-2016

Litho is done, on to monotyping. This is better, less stress-inducing. I am ready to be done.

Fun, yes? Inspired by my years in womyn’s community, dancing naked to the moon.

They check up on my hormones, things are going well. I have a plan to avert (or at least delay) my impending financial disaster. Because next year I will have to take all 4 classes at UNM, I will need to move to reduce my expenses before fall.

But as C would redirect me, what is the best thing that happened today? My answer usually involves my massage clients. People are awesome, and bodies are amazing. The connections and sometimes magic are humbling.


The construction is more exciting every time I walk by. The big construction fence is down, trees and grass are in. The fountain doesn’t work yet. Sometimes personal change and construction are similar, where one step builds upon the previous one, or sometimes the progress isn’t so visible – it’s the creation of underground infrastructure, like a sprinkler system. Personally, some things go backward. At least apparently. Construction can have setbacks, too, like the building that burned recently at Central and Carlisle. But all of it is emergent, whether we building something new or let it become reclaimed by the wild.There is no stasis.